Eco-friendly cars are set to be the future of transport but do you know why we are destined to drive these new types of vehicles? As their name suggests, these cars are geared towards being economical and environmentally friendly. The main difference between a regular car and an eco-friendly car is the alternative fuel types that the latter is able to run on. One of those alternative fuel types is electric.

This is much more environmentally friendly energy source because it is not a fossil fuel unlike petrol and diesel which are not renewable. When fossil fuels burn they also release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which consequently contributes to global warming.On the other hand, electrically-run cars have a significantly reduced impact on the air’s pollution and do not give off harmful tailpipe pollutants that are associated with regular cars.

So, what are some of the other benefits of converting to an eco-friendly car? This article will aim to highlight some factors that will tempt you into a purchasing the vehicle of the future.

Eco-friendly cars are predominantly powered by a battery which can be charged with the use of a regular electric socket. It is literally as simple as plugging in any other electrical device to a three-pronged socket. For the perfectionists, the majority of eco-friendly cars come in stylish and modern designs that will certainly appeal to the average driver.

As you’d expect from an eco-friendly car, they’re economical! An electrically-run car won’t cost you any money to re-charge – just that of your standard electric bill! Eco-friendly cars also offer something called “regenerative braking” which ensures a high level performance while saving on fuel consumption.

Furthermore, insurance companies are known to offer much lower rates for these types of cars. The government are also putting their weight behind eco-friendly cars by offering drivers of the vehicles lower car tax or, in some cases, free car tax. In essence, you are being rewarded for your commitment towards improving the state of the environment.

Despite being powered by alternative fuel types, eco-friendly cars still run extremely well and consistently while indicating how much fuel you have left in your tank (or electric in your battery!).

Preparing yourself for the future
With more pressure on the government to reduce emissions, investing an eco-friendly car now would put you well ahead of the pack. In the long-term, it’s likely we will all be driving an eco-friendly car.

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